Common Objections Survey

"Overcoming objections: harnessing the full potential of historical research for marine policy development"

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About the survey: During the emergence and growth of the disciplines of historical marine ecology and marine environmental history over the last two decades, you may have encountered various objections as to why the new approach is not required, is not relevant, or has not the required evidential foundation. OPI is embarking on a project to survey the wider research community involved in historical research in marine environments and ask what kind of objections you have encountered and which have been the greatest hurdles to undertaking your research activities or having your findings accepted by marine managers and policy makers. Please download it, complete it and send it to the project team.

The study team, led by Drs Alison MacDiarmid and Gesche Krause, will collate and describe the range of objections encountered, explore their validity, recommend robust rebuttal arguments where this is warranted, and provide some advice to marine managers and policy makers as to why historical research can provide information essential to the development of marine environmental policies. The results will be presented at the Oceans Past VII conference in Bremerhaven in October 2018, and published in the conference proceedings. Your participation is essential to the success of this study!